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Walton PAC has had its last meeting of the season and will be taking a break during the summer months. If all goes to plan our next meeting will be on Tuesday 12th September. Details of all coming meetings will be posted here once they have been finalised.

Our meetings start at 8pm and are held at The Bell Inn, 85 Old Charlton Road, Shepperton TW17 8BT. Click on the link to the left for a detailed map.

Hi Guys

After 25 years of service to Walton PAC Dave Fish has finally stood down as Regional Organiser. Like everyone else I stood back and waited for someone else to take the reins.

No one has, so you’re going to have to put up with me. Luckily for the region, all the experienced guys who make the Walton region tick are staying on so hopefully I will not crash and burn and take the club with me. My good mate Matt Ledger is helping me out with this as well.

Between us we have sorted two speakers for the forthcoming season and are talking to others but if anyone has a burning urge to hear anyone talk let me or Matt know. Hopefully we can publish a list of speakers well before the first meeting.

As I see it, Dave’s formula for running the region has worked well for 25 years so I don’t intend to change it. My mantra is “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”.

Neither Matt nor I bite, so please, let us have any ideas for the promotion of the club and we will see about implementing them.

I have been asked for a photo to introduce myself to you all, I consider the camera to be the evil eye and definitely don’t give venues away. This is my best Avon pike, just over 23lb, yes I am a fat lad.

Tight lines to you all.

Kevin Daly

Hi Guys,

Just a few words to introduce myself to you all as we start a new chapter in the history of Walton on Thames Pike Anglers Club.

I've been an angler for most of my life, initially starting with sea, both beach and boat. My coarse angling started in my early teens, typically with none of the right gear and no idea! I was introduced to pike around the same time at a local country park by Matt who to this day remains my main bankside companion. Most of my early fishing was spent on the same water. The lake was eventually syndicated by the carp boys. I was fortunate enough to fish a 24 hour session on it around ten years ago and caught what remains my PB to this day of 26lb 2oz.

I had a major break from fishing for around 8 years, and then I was fortunate enough to have met Kev through work who gave me the bug once more.

Since that day, I have never looked back, Pike has been my main quarry from day one, but especially so over the past 18 months I have been back fishing.

Being a Basingstoke boy, I looked for the closest region which turned out to have been the Reading group, but that unfortunately closed a while ago. So during various conversations with Kev, he convinced me to come along to the Walton group and I have never looked back!

I have a young family and a demanding job that unfortunately limits my fishing time, I am also a voluntary bailiff for Reading & District Angling Association which is where most of angling time is spent.

I have never been, nor will I be the best fisherman in the world, but I am passionate about pike & their welfare. I will give my all for the region in an attempt to carry on the fantastic legacy that has been left by Dave.

For anybody that is reading this but has never been to our meetings, or any potential new members, come along and and meet us, have a beer and see what we are all about!



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